Painting the Town … and Beyond

A river cruise from Amsterdam to Switzerland includes a stop at Cologne Cathedral for a group photo. From left are George and Barb Dodge, Jo and Jim Brown, Polly and Jim Myers, Diane and Cleon Stull, and Dean and Lynne Schneider.

The Winners of the 35th Anniversary Art Contest

Posted on 07.07.20

Last winter, when we considered the best way to celebrate Frederick Magazine’s 35th anniversary, we decided on a contest in which we would ask  local artists to submit their works that illustrate their love of the city and county. It seemed appropriate and rather straightforward.

Then, pandemic hit. Once the world came to a screeching halt in late March, we had genuine concern that there would very few submissions to our art contest as the community was suddenly focused on more important matters.

We were wrong.

Whether it was the natural artistic energy of our community or a desire to bring some sense of “normal” to the madness, we received many submissions, representing a wide range of tastes and styles—traditional and imaginative, subtle and stark, beautiful and poignant. On the following pages, you will find the winners. They were difficult to choose.

Finalist: Spring in Baker Park, by Margaret Huddy


Finalist: My Favorite Place in Frederick, by Rita Saavedra


Finalist: Looking South on Market Street, by Rebecca Pearl


Finalist: Purple House, by Gillian Grozier


Finalist: Lily of the Valley Stomata, by Cynthia Scott


Finalist: Waiting for Happy Hour, by Raymond Blowitski


Finalist: Clustered Silhouettes, by Jackie Rogers


Finalist: Someone Left Tulips, by Tess Rollins


Finalist: Jean’s View, by Paula Rubin-Wexler


Winner: Our Town, from Church Street, by Rebecca Pearl


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