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By Melissa Joseph Muntz | Posted on 06.18.20

I think it’s safe to say that we are all getting a little bit stir crazy these days. We are ready to get out of the house and ready to experience something a little bit different. I know I personally have walked the same routes every day for the last two months and could desperately use some new scenery. Next time you are feeling restless, check out one of Frederick’s many self-guided tours. Visitors often take these tours to get acquainted with the area, but locals will likely learn something new, too! All of these tours can be found at


If you prefer to be on your feet and not sitting in a car, check out one of the city’s walking tours. The 2.5-mile Historic Downtown Frederick tour will help you gain an understanding of the city’s national contributions, local legends and cultural amenities. Your tour begins at the Frederick Visitor Center, a very cool historic building that many locals have never had a reason to visit.

The Downtown Frederick Public Art Trail sheds light on the city’s history, as well as the personal dreams and ambitions of its citizens. The tour highlights some of the city’s most noteworthy pieces while taking you through the heart of Downtown. You’ve probably walked by some of these projects a dozen times, but do you know their story?

Discover Frederick’s diverse array of trees on the Trees of Frederick Walking tour. You will learn to identify trees as well as fun facts and useful information about their ecology and natural history. The full tour should last less between an hour and 90 minutes and each tree is labeled, so you’ll know if you are in the right place.


Northern Frederick County is home to three picturesque historic covered bridges. All three bridges are listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places and all three make pretty impressive Instagram material. Besides their beauty, the bridges are also structurally interesting, as all three have different truss systems (which is what keeps a bridge standing). The tour covers about 12 miles and can easily be driven or biked. You can even bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in one of the parks located next to the bridges.


If you’re itching to leave the house but you’d prefer to stay in your car, this scavenger hunt is for you. This is a great activity for the whole family. You’ll be trying to spot a variety of distinctly Frederick things, some of which can be found in multiple places throughout the county. Every single thing can be found through the window of your vehicle, so you can do this one pretty much any time.

Melissa Joseph Muntz is the marketing and communications manager at Visit Frederick, the designated marketing organization for Frederick County. Contact her at 301-600-4023 or Learn more about Visit Frederick at

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