Missing History

A river cruise from Amsterdam to Switzerland includes a stop at Cologne Cathedral for a group photo. From left are George and Barb Dodge, Jo and Jim Brown, Polly and Jim Myers, Diane and Cleon Stull, and Dean and Lynne Schneider.

Many Buildings from Frederick’s Past, some of them Iconic Structures, can only be Found in Photographs

Posted on 06.10.19

As Frederick County embraces its historical attributes as not merely cultural charm, but also as a genuine marketing lure for tourists and residents, efforts to preserve the past continues. Those who value historical preservation can lean on a variety of tools, from government programs and architectural requirements to nonprofits organizations like the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation that work to save history.

But that hasn’t always been the case. Before the historical preservation renaissance of the 1960s, buildings were often demolished without regard to their cultural significance, and many properties have been redeveloped in the name of progress and urban  renewal. On the following pages are some notable and some ordinary places that are left to the history books.

Maryland School For The Deaf, South Market Street


Citizens’ National Bank, Patrick and Market Streets


A&P Super Market, South Court Street


Empire Theater, North Market Street


Frederick Theater, North Market Street


Montevue Hospital, Rosemont Avenue

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