On and Off the Road

Custodian With a dry mop in a hallway

Winner: Photographer, Bob Geary

Posted on 08.03.18

A summer tradition at Frederick Magazine is to sponsor a contest in which we ask our readers to show us their best efforts in areas like short story fiction, favorite recipes or, in this case, photography.

Earlier this year we asked for your photos, but not just any photos. We wanted photos taken on or near city streets, country roads and anywhere else a vehicle can travel. That was the only rule. The rest was up to you. Your response wasn’t just large in volume, it was significant in artistry. As a result, the job of selecting winners was very difficult, as we reviewed, discussed and even debated submissions. In the end, I think we came up with an excellent collection of photos that represent a wide variety of ways to look at Frederick County.

On these pages you will find the winners and runners-up, but congratulations go to all the participants in this contest.


Winner: Photographer, David Scotto


Left, Runner-Up: Photographer, Cynthia Rubio | Right, Runner-Up: Photographer, Elizabeth Robley


Winner: Photographer, Kerry McHugh


Left, Runner-Up: Photographer, Engin Caliskan | Right, Runner-Up: Photographer, Mike Jones


Winner: Photographer, Sara Hoffman


Left, Runner-Up: Photographer, David Ford | Right, Runner-Up: Photographer, Robert Coleman


Runner-Up: Photographer, Mark Nichols


Left, Runner-Up: Photographer, Janice DelCostello | Right, Runner-Up: Photographer, Elizabeth Cromwell

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