Local Catch

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By Olivia Millunzi | Posted on 04.10.17

On April 4, 1960, Nick Yinger photographed these three boys on Carroll Creek, near Fairview Avenue in Baker Park. From left are Jack Craw, 7, Hank Chase, 9, and Robbie Markey, 11. As Yinger wrote on the back of the photo, these boys created “something new in Childhood Ingenuity,” having built a fishing raft out of a large tractor tire with a smaller auto tire on the inside and a plastic tarp over the entire structure. Carroll Creek is stocked with fish by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources about four times a year. The fish are usually rainbow trout, grown to about 1 pound at local hatcheries. Trout prefer fast-moving, cool-water streams with lots of shade, so without regular stocking Carroll Creek couldn’t support trout naturally because of its high water temperature in the summer. The section of the creek where the three boys were fishing, between U.S. 15 and College Avenue, is now restricted to youth under 15 and the blind, who can fish without a state license. Carroll Creek has open fishing from College Avenue to the Diggs Pool Bridge and from East Patrick Street to Highland Street, though most fish are never caught.

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