I’ve Been Meaning to Ask: March 2017

Custodian With a dry mop in a hallway

Q: Gale Recovery recently celebrated 40 years of helping to those suffering from substance abuse—what have been some highlights?

Charles H. Mooneyhan, Executive Director, Wells House Inc.

Coinciding with Gale Recovery’s anniversary was a merger with Wells House Inc. of Washington County. “We became Wells House@Gale Recovery and created one of the largest providers of substance use treatment in Western Maryland,” Mooneyhan says.

“Gale Recovery opened to 12 struggling alcoholics and since that time has offered life-changing residential treatment to men and women in Frederick County,” he says of the nonprofit. Gale Recovery has served over 3,500 patients since 1976.

“In addition to substance use disorder treatment, we are providing GED education, life skills and parenting classes for our patients and assistance with referrals for housing, employment, financial and legal issues. … Treating the family, not just the patient is [also] critical. We offer family support through our ‘Friends and Family’ programs,” he says.

“One of our most exciting additions to our Frederick services,” Mooneyhan says, is a partnership with the University of Maryland to serve patients recovering from opioid addiction.

“Our mission continues to be providing safe, effective substance-abuse treatment and bringing awareness … to our community in order to save the lives of our children who are so very vulnerable to this disease,” he says.

You know you’re Irish if…

Margie Murphy Weaver, Frederick Resident







  • Your given name is Mary Margaret Murphy and your younger brother is Matthew Mark.
  • You’ve been swatted across the bum for being naughty.
  • You have at least one family member who is a Catholic nun or priest.
  • You have to wear SPF 100-plus sunscreen at the beach … and you still burn.
  • You name your daughter Tori and are constantly asked by relatives, “Which saint is that?”

What are the common symptoms of spring fever?

Dr. Deborah Morrone, Chiropractor

Topping the list are an increase in energy and improvement in mood that come with arrival of warmer, sunnier days. Birds are singing, plants are blooming and everyone and everything is coming out of winter hibernation. This inspires us to get outside and be more active, but that can come with some downside. I find more people coming in with aches, pains and strains after tackling yard work, running around outside with the kids or returning to a fitness routine started during the winter. By all means, get out and enjoy the sunshine, but be smart about it and listen to your body.

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