Lu La Land

Custodian With a dry mop in a hallway

Posted on 02.17.17

It’s not unusual when women are out and about and checking each other’s clothing to hear someone suddenly shout, ”Oh, I love your Irma!” or “Is that a Julia?”

Those are the names for pieces of the distinctive clothing line Lu La Roe that started in California more than three years ago and has become popular in many areas nationwide, including Frederick. The company uses the “pop-up shop” method for selling the clothes in homes, fellowship halls or any place where women can gather, eat some snacks and sip wine while trying on outfits. An added bonus is that you can take the clothes home that evening. Shopping also can be done online.

“It’s practical, versatile and stylish,” says Emily Conrad of Middletown who sells Lu La Roe. “You can wear the clothes to work or grocery shopping.” Perhaps best known for its colorfully patterned leggings, the fashion line also includes dresses —many with side pockets that come in handy—sweaters, tops, vests and skirts. There’s also a children’s line and some shirts for men.

In addition to being able to spruce up wardrobes, Conrad says she has appreciated all the friendships she’s made introducing women to “Joy” or “Sarah” or “Mae.”

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