What’s in a Name?

Custodian With a dry mop in a hallway

Posted on 02.05.17

By its nature, history looks to the past, but the former Historical Society of Frederick County, 24 E. Church St., is focused on the future as well.

With a new name—Heritage Frederick—the group has also recently expanded its mission, seeking to engage and open interaction in the community and to be relevant and meaningful to all people.

“The Historical Society of Frederick County has been around since 1892,” says executive director Mary Rose Boswell, “and was an exclusive group, originally. That no longer fits who we are.” She adds that history largely centers on “dates and facts. We’re more about culture and people.”

In a process that lasted more than two years and included focus groups meeting in five municipalities around the county, as well as several board of director retreats—one involving a professional consultant—the new mission and name were created. Boswell praised Scott Grove, who runs a public relations firm and is active in promoting local history, for his committee leadership. She also gives a shout-out to the Tourism Council of Frederick County for helping fund the process and Sue Hough of Octavo Designs for creation of the group’s new logo. “We picked her first design,” Boswell says.

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