Biz Ink: February 2017

Custodian With a dry mop in a hallway

Posted on 02.01.17

Getting Back the Motion

Whether it’s an injury sustained on the basketball court or a painful leg from slipping on an icy sidewalk, the recently opened Rehab 2 Perform, near the Frederick Municipal Airport at 1341 Hughes Ford Road, #104, is ready to help get you back to normal. Dr. Josh Funk, who played college lacrosse, owns the practice that offers convenient evening and Saturday hours.

Clinic coordinator Bailey Rankin says that while sports enthusiasts are a large sector of their patients, “we definitely serve non-athletes, as well.” The goal for all is to get better movement “and to stay healthy.” Rankin says they offer one-on-one work with a physical therapist as opposed to having a tech overseeing the exercises.

For Your Sweetie

You can gift your Valentine with sweets without hearing protests of too many calories thanks to Black Sparrow Bath Co.’s chocolate lavender soap.The Myersville business, which was launched by Lori Schroyer-Wells five-and-a-half years ago, is offering special groupings of products designed for the holiday, including soaps called “Love Potion” and “Spanish Fly.”

With a promise that the products are “handcrafted with nostalgia and love,” the one-woman enterprise—with support from her family—began as a way for Schroer-Wells to cope with the death of her beloved grandmother. She recalls how her grandmother was hard-working, lived simply and had a respect for nature, all of which is reflected in the bath company.

The lotions, bath salts and soaps are all homemade and incorporate natural ingredients, she says. Although the line is primarily filled with pampering, romantic scents, she has a sore muscle rub called “Heat” that gets to work on the aches and pains of shoveling too much snow or over-stretching in yoga class. Products are available at local farmers markets during the season and The Muse, 19 N. Market St.

Carroll Hospice 30th Anniversary

Providing comfort and support to patients and families, Carroll Hospice is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Based in Westminster, Carroll Hospice has operated for more than six years in Frederick County, with other locations in Carroll and Baltimore counties, serving those residing in their private residences, nursing care centers or assisted-living communities.

The hospice philosophy focuses on providing care and comfort when a life-limiting disease is present and patients have decided they no longer want to explore aggressive treatment, but rather let the disease progress naturally. The hospice team includes a Hospice physician, nurse case manager, social worker, chaplain and volunteer and bereavement counselor.

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